Canvas Bags

Our most popular bag range is available in a variety of colors and designs, giving our customers creative choices without compromising quality. We offer a wide collection of options including promotional bags, canvas bags, leather touch, and burlap bags.

Exotic blends of vibrant colors and stylish patterns also personalize these bags to make them unique and special.   

Drop Cloths

We offer the following products:

Plain Weave Drop Cloth:

A simple drop cloth made from a skilled and experienced team makes your drop cloth look like a masterpiece of canvas. Low prices and availability makes these drop cloths our most popular product.

Drill Weave Drop Cloths: 

The drill weave is considered a premium weave and it makes a very high quality durable painters drop cloth. If there ever was an award for “most beautiful” drop cloth, this product would win unanimously. 

Sizes Available:

All sizes in Sq feet:  6’ x 9’  4’ x 12’  4’ x 15’  9’ x 12’  12’ x 15’  and any custom sizes


Weights Available:

Both drill weave and plain weave drop cloths are available in the following weights per sq yard of fabric.  5 oz  6 oz 7 oz 8 oz 10 oz 12 oz

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