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Canvas Bags, Tote bags, Drop Cloths, Canvas Tarpaulin, Artist Made-Up & Utility.

Tote Bag

Canvas Bags

A canvas bag is a kind of eco-friendly bag made from canvas materials. The material of the Canvas bag is made from a thicker cotton fabric or blended fabric in plain weave.

We can make the Canvas Bags products as per your requirements in muti-colours, designs and size.

There are varieties of Canvas Bags:

  • Tote Canvas Bag

  • Utility Canvas Bag

  • Canvas Backpack

  • Water Resistance Canvas outdoor uses bags

  • College Bags

  • Multi-Purpose Canvas Bag

Pink Tote Bag
Abstract Tote Bag
Brush Stroke Tote Bag
Hand Tote Bag
Lemons Tote Bag
Swimming Tote Bag

Drop Cloths

Drop cloths are made from heavy-duty cotton canvas material, suitable for painting and home improvement projects.

Drop cloth provide protection against paint spills, drips and dust. Protects wood floors, tiles, patios, grass and more by using a heavy-duty canvas drop cloth.

Drep cloth are absorbent, washable and reusable & useful for indoor and outdoor projects.

Available in: 7 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 12 oz

Please mention during ordering if you want cut size or ready size because sizes get smaller due to seam and hems


Canvas Tarpaulin

canvas tarpaulin.jpg

Canvas Tarpaulins made of Cotton/Poly Cotton/Polyester material which are durable, stronger, and have waterproof & Rot proof properties to protect the covered materials in all weather conditions. These tarps are available in customised sizes and assorted colours as per the customer requirements. These tarps are lightweight, durable and breathable. These tarps are suitable for uses such as: Agricultural, Industrial Transport, Mining and Various outdoor covering uses. Please mention during ordering if you want cut size or ready size because sizes get smaller due to seam and hems.

Artist Made-ups & Utility

We offer the varieties of product that are useful for an Artist during their Masterpiece preparation.

Products includes:

  • Apron Painter Bag

  • Brush Roll Cover 

  • Convas Portfolio tubes

  • And many more

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