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Meet the dynamic team at Global  Impex USA


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King Mukherjee
President of Global Impex USA
Associate Professor at College of Saint Benedict/ St. John’s University
Advisory Board Member of Emerging Technology Division of ATA (Advanced Textiles Association/ IFAI)
Supply Chain Professor

Mr. King Mukherjee is an Associate Professor in the Global Business Leadership department at College of Saint Benedict/ St. John’s University, MN, USA. He has 23 years of business experience under his belt, with a global impact including 40 countries across 5 continents. Early in his global career, he co-founded leading textile company of USA. Then, in a cafe in July 2017, he co-founded three MN-based companies: Global Impex USA, Guide Apparel Co, Gameday Merch and Stryv Medical. Within five years, he helped the company grow from one intern to a business spanning 50 states.

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Bob Gazich
Vice President of Global Impex USA
Associate Visiting Professor at Collage of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University,

Mr. Bob  Gazich an visiting Associate Professor at Collage of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, MN, USA. He is vice President of Global Impex and also President of Tap Your Potential where he helps high school/collage individuals to reach their potential in today's global ecnomy. He also determines NHL players career paths. Then, in a cafe in July 2017, he co-founted three MN-based companies: Global Impex USA, Guide Apparel Co and Stryv Medical. Within five years, he helped the company grow from one intern to a business spanning 50 states.

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Mukul Gupta
Director Sales & Operations- India,
Global Impex USA

Mukul Gupta is a Management Graduate and highly experienced professional with 23 years international working experience in Sales and Operations in Textile Industries in India and Africa region. He worked with various international clients across the globe in cross cultural work environments.  He has international exposure and travelled Asia, Europe and African countries in his professional journey and worked on various Projects and International Global Tender.

He has a proven track record of successfully Launching New Products, Sales & Marketing Strategies, Market Research, Digital Marketing, B2B business tie-up, P&L Management & Developing the Strategic Sourcing Model with the existing & by empanelling the new vendor’s base and establishing the upper edge in the market & over the competition. He is committed to establishing the effective and efficient working model for an organisation.

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Dr. Anupama Pasricha
Sustainability Consultant, Global Impex USA

Dr. Anupama Pasricha is the Department Chair of Fashion Design and Merchandising at St. Catherine University. She is also the Executive Director of Educators for Socially Responsible Apparel Practices (ESRAP). Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Dr. Pasricha was brought in to assist in helping us achieve a more eco-friendly future for not only the company but the textile industry as a whole. As sustainability has been our top priority, she has allowed us to excel in incorporating it into every aspect of the company as we continue to grow.

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Pierce Boder-Szarkowski
General Manager, Global Impex USA

Pierce Boder-Szarkowski is the General Manager of Global Impex USA. He started off as a Sales and Marketing Intern at Global Impex USA during his last semester at University back in 2020. Since joining, he continuously worked hard and became General Manager for Global Impex USA. While he still helps with mentoring and leading the sales team, his duties have greatly expanded to include him helping and guiding all departments with their various needs, making sure things are able to run on a day-to-day basis, and implementing changes for the company. As General Manager, he likes to focus on facilitating everyone else in the company and making sure they don't have issues, or as he says "My job is to make sure you can do your job"


Amreesh Jhawer Headshot.jpg

Amresh Shah
Director of IT

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Amresh Shah based out of Los Angles, CA is the Director and Senior Quantitative Finance Analyst at Bank of America. He has 20+ years of hands-on experience developing and delivering quantitative analytics solutions for mortgage, risk valuation, and portfolio management. He brings to Global Impex USA his advice on finance, sourcing and market expansion.

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William (Bill) Kemp
PR and Communications Advisor

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William (Bill) Kemp has over 23 years of business development experience, and has been guiding Global Impex USA every step of the way from the company's inception. Bill has been a pillar in development of Saint Cloud real estate and busineses over 50 years. Bill is one of the founding directors of Global Impex

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Tanu Rishi
Director of Finance

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Tanu Rishi is the vice president of MUFG and is based in New York. She is now an author, speaker and expert in financial literacy. Her company Fiwe based out of NYC. Tanu is an advisor to Global Impex USA since the creation of the company and is a former student of King. She is a skilled Market Risk Analyst, and uses her skills to direct Global Impex USA toward the best possible business decisions.

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Jacob Fernow
Director of Sales Training

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Jacob Fernow is a versatile, creative, and highly motivated software sales professional with solid experience using ERP, SCM, and CRM programs. He is familiar with various aspects of business having transitioned from a robust background in project management and sales to strategic consulting. Jacob brings to Global Impex his expertise and provides interns with an inspiring example of diligence, professionalism, tireless work ethic, and a relentless drive to achieve goals. Source-to-Pay. Jake is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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James Blommel
Sports Marketing Director

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James Blommel is a former intern at Global Impex USA who came up with and helped create our apparel company Game Day Merch Co, originally Guild Apparel Co. It was James' idea to use our company's fabric connections to move into the apparel business and has been vital in both the creation and success of this endeavor. James continues to be an integral part of the success of Guild Apparel, and its new brand Game Day Merch.

Gabriella Reece Headshot.png

Gabriella Reece
Director of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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Gabriella Reece has over eight years of PR experience and has founded her own company, Brand Experience. Notably, she has produced an inspirational documentary about the diverse women entrepreneurs in Minnesota, Global Impex USA's founding state. She is a valuable member of the Global Impex USA leadership and has a proven record of advancing the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts within the company.

Dimuthu Sarathchandra Headshot.jpg

Dimuthu Sarathchandra
Assistant Vice President

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Dimuthu Sarathchandra is the Assistant Vice President and Sr Business Systems Analyst at U.S. Bank. He was one of Global Impex USA's first interns, and since then has continued offering his professional systems advice to help the company's growth and development. Dimu is based out of Indiana.

Natalie Brasket Headshot.jpg

Natalie Brasket
Driven Community Leader and Engaged Business Owner

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Natalie Brasket is a former sales intern at Global Impex USA. She has since worked as a market manager, account executive, and has even founded her own company, The Everything Project based out of Oklahama, dedicated to helping small businesses establish themselves and connect with the community. This has enabled her to be an excellent market advisor for Global Impex USA.

Joshua Jenson CFA Headshot.jpg

Joshua Jenson
Investment Advisor

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Joshua Jenson CFA is an Investment Advisor at One Life Financial Group, based out of St Paul, Minnesota. Joshua's years of experience as an investment and finance consultant give him an invaluable perspective when advising Global Impex USA about decisions for the future. Joshua have been involved with Global Impex since first day of inception of Global Impex USA out of Minnesota.

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Jeffrey Hsu
Digital and E Marketing Expert

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Jeffrey is a recent business marketing college graduate of Cal Poly Pomona. As an undergrad, Jeffrey interned at Global Impex USA as the digital marketing lead and successfully oversaw various parts of the company's marketing ventures, such as social media, email marketing, and website development. Currently, Jeffrey works full-time in Los Angeles as an electronic communications administrator. He enjoys cooking, playing the piano, and watching basketball on the side


Shayan Shivji Headshot.jpg

Shayan Shivji

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Shayan Shivji. As a former finance intern at Global Impex USA and a Finance Major at the Wharton School of Business, Shayan has provided new and innovative advice as a Finance Advisor of Global Impex USA.


Athena Dod

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While working at Global Impex I have gained first hand customer experience and observed the importance of team communication. Thank you to King, Bob, Pierce, and Mukul for all your business and canvas knowledge.


Ana Diaz

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Being an intern with Global Impex USA has allowed me to gain valuable skills and experience in multiple different areas. The leadership of King and Bob have guided my interests to the world of sales and business, and have prepared me for my post-grad

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