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Intern Testimonials


Natalie Brasket

"I started working for Global Impex USA in the spring of 2018. I was immediately immersed in hands-on experience with sales, customer experience, and CRM databases. This was an exceptional experience for an undergraduate student, especially knowing you were creating your own legacy for a startup. In my first summer with Global Impex USA, I closed over $15,000 in new sales, 80% of which were from new customers.

Moving forward from my first summer I was invited back as a senior sales intern and trainer, working with students across the country. I was provided once again, new hands-on training, coaching, and leading other interns through this skill-building internship. I gained more experience through my mentors and meeting business CEOs than I would have thought possible. 

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More than anything, working for this company as it was taking off was a great time for me to understand more about the demands and success a startup needs to see within those first formative years. I am grateful to both Bob and Kingshuk for the work they provided me with and the skills I now use every day in my current role as a leader in a large retail company."

Dimuthu Sarathchandra

"I was fortunate to join Global Impex USA as one of their first hires at the inception of the company. Partnering with the leadership of Kingshuk and Bob — both experienced professors in the field of business — was a great advantage as they revealed how theoretical business knowledge is applied in the real world. I was entrusted with duties and responsibilities relating to all facets of the company from administration, operations, IT, to marketing. Global Impex USA is a true global company, with ties to many parts of the country and the world with their network of suppliers, buyers, and employees, and it gave me firsthand experience in dealing with multiple personalities and businesses alike.

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It was encouraging how the leadership fostered young talent to grow to their potential by showing them the path and letting them explore the challenges in the real-world. When I was preparing to leave the company after about a year, I was leading a group of interns, managing their systems, and was well equipped to be able join any organization and excel at the task at hand. 

I wish this great company continues to grow and keeps collaborating with college students giving them the required experience in a corporate environment."

Cam Flory

"During my time with Global Impex USA, I had the opportunity to learn from King and Bob’s network of different mentors who were experienced in a wide variety of industries. I had the opportunity to work with a fashion designer who assisted me with creating a company catalog, and I received help on a presentation from a vice president at a prestigious bank when King, Bob, and I were applying for corporate loans. 


When I first started working at Global Impex USA I worked in business development, and I was tasked with contacting Global Impex USA’s numerous clients and presenting the different textile products that the company had to offer. I succeeded in this role because I went and above and beyond what was expected of me and I always sought to increase the amount of responsibility I had. For example, I would always offer to assist other interns with their daily tasks, and I often sought to improve the company’s organization, sales process, and intern development process whenever I had the chance. Due to my hard work and dedication I was able to work my way up the ranks until I was employed full-time as a senior project manager. 

As a senior project manager, I was entrusted with many important tasks such as financing, interviewing new employees, graphic design, employee management, administrative work, marketing, advertising, and web development. When COVID-19 became a serious issue in the spring of 2020, I assisted King and Bob in an effort to provide financial security to the company in the form of contracts with the federal government. I also reached out to multiple industry partners in order to create an affiliate network of like-minded textile suppliers to keep new business flowing despite the economic downturn that had swept the nation. 

Everything I learned at Global Impex USA was relevant to my career goals, and I’m incredibly thankful for the work experience and the wonderful time I had during my employment with King Mukherjee and Bob Gazich. They are wonderful employers, and I would highly recommend any open position at Global Impex USA to an intern who is interested in sales, finance, marketing, advertising, graphic design, or management.


King and Bob continue to support me throughout my professional career, and they are always happy to provide advice, recommendations, and references on my behalf. More than once their recommendation has benefited me in my interview process at other companies. However, the first time they assisted me with my career goals was when they invited me to join them at a meeting for new interns and then offered me a full-time position on the company’s payroll as a reward for my hard and dedication. "

Video Testimonials of Interns

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