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Single Fill Canvas

Browse our best quality single fill canvas as below:

7oz A Grade Single Fill


Construction: 84 x 28
Yarn Count: l6s x 8s
Weight: 225 GSM (7oz)
Widths: 63" and 72"
Uses: Draperies, Bags, Table Cloths, Linings, Pillow Covers, Aprons, Artists Canvas, Banners, etc.

10oz AB Grade Single Fill


Construction: 76 x 28
Yarn Count: 10s x 6s
Weight: 315 GSM (10 oz)
Widths: 36", 48", 60", and 72"
Uses: Slip Covers, Furniture Coverings, Tote Bags, Cornhole Bags, Artists Canvas, Floor Cloths, Draperies, etc.

10oz A Grade Single Fill


Construction: 76 x 28 
Weight: 315 GSM (10 oz)
Yarn Count: 10s x 6s 
Widths: 36",48",60",63",72",84",

Uses: Shares many uses as AB grade canvas, such as Coverings, Bags,
Apparel. Additionally, A Grade canvas is a higher quality canvas.

120z AB Grade Single Fill


Construction: 76 x 28 
Weight: 385 GSM (12 oz)
Yam Count: 10s x 4s 
Widths: 36",48",60",and 72"
Uses: Industrial Machine Covers, Storage Covers, Utility Wraps,
Heavy Duty Slipcovers, Upholstery, Dog Beds, Wall Murals, Tote
Bags, etc.

4.5 oz Sheeting


Construction: 60 x 60 
Weight: 152 GSM (4.5 oz)
Yarn Count: 20s x 20s 
Widths: 63"
Uses: Widely used for Sewing Patterns and Templates, Clothing and
Apparel, Backing for Draperies and Window Coverings, Lamp
Shades, and Linings for Quilts and Bags.

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