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Delta Variant Threatens States with Low-Vaccination Rates, Public Health Officials Warn

While fully-vaccinated Americans enjoy newly-relaxed social distancing and masking guidelines, the World Health Organization and other public health institutions warn of the Delta variant’s increasing danger, as Apoorva Mandavilli and Benjamin Mueller of the New York Times report.

Throughout 2020, doctors and nurses scrambled to tackle COVID-19, watching as countless patients battled for their lives. As of July 2021, in contrast, 50% of the nation has been fully-vaccinated, according to the CDC, and vaccinated healthcare professionals have been able to relax with the knowledge that they no longer have to worry about severe illness from the novel coronavirus.

Nonetheless, the Delta variant poses significant threats: breakthrough infections are possible for those who are fully vaccinated, and those who are not yet vaccinated are at increased risk. As Mandavilli and Mueller report, the Delta variant is likely to cause the most damage in states with low vaccination rates.

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