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Global Impex USA starts 2021 with a new generation of millennials

The start of a new year isn't just a cause for celebration about our 2020 endeavors and accomplishments for us here at Global Impex USA. For us, it presents a new opportunity to gather new and creative young interns who can help us achieve even greater heights in terms of sales and delivering exceptional customer service. Times have changed since the Covid-19 pandemic and we have adjusted to the new environment by implementing changes in response. The goal of our internship program is to train a new generation of millennials to become the new pipeline of professionals in the textile industry. Our current group of 20 interns is a diverse set based in a range of spaces from California, Chicago to Minnesota, and more.

A picture of some of our top interns participating in our weekly Zoom meetings.

Global Impex USA is a mill-direct company specializing in custom fabric resources. We offer industrial canvases, medical textiles, general apparel, medical scrubs, lab coats, and more. Aside from custom resources, we also provide level 2 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved gowns and domestic gowns fabrics under The Berry Act. Sourcing supply chains, building consortiums of manufacturers, providing leadership training and small business consulting are some of the many skill sets of the owners, King Mukherjee and Bob Gazich. Our team is made up of interns spread across each of our departments (Analytics, Digital Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Sales), who serve as the pillars of our success. With our internship program, our interns can gain valuable experience and skill sets that are essential for their future careers.

Some general skills include:

  • Analytics: analyzing reports, learning time management, practicing verbal communication, innovative thinking

  • Digital Marketing: multi-tasking, problem-solving, social media communication, working on content creation, written communication

  • Finance: accounting, meeting with investors, presenting insights, using QuickBooks

  • Operations: coordinating shipments, customer service training, developing entrepreneurship skills, sending invoices

  • Sales: conducting research, generating reports, learning rejection and self-discipline, maintaining customer relationships

While our interns might have to challenge themselves to one or more department areas of the internship programs, it is through their new and refreshing ideas, communications, and their teamwork that motivates our company into further success. As challenges arise, our interns do not let that stop or demotivate them. Instead, they push forward in the face of adversity and overcome these hurdles to reach even more rewarding achievements. Mistakes can inevitably be made in a field of business with a fresh batch of new interns on the job. However, we recognize these errors as pivotal steps for our interns to grow as professionals. Global Impex USA is what we are today because of our strong-minded and strongly connected interns.

For more information regarding our innovative company, check out our exclusive New Year’s Newsletter that is linked here!


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