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Guild Apparel Co. Collaborates With the Cut Agency to Design Merchandise for Professional Athletes

This summer, Guild Apparel Co. joins The Cut, A Sports & Entertainment Marketing Agency out of Miami, FL to design merchandise for some of the most prominent athletes in MLB and the NLF. Specifically, Guild Apparel Co. designers will work to emphasize the personas of each player by developing merchandise that reveals the athletes’ individuality.

The Cut Agency, founded by Brad Cutler, prides itself on its employee’s ambition, teamwork, and leadership to create powerful campaigns. Guild has previously worked with the agency on “The Mack Pack” merchandise collaboration, in which Guild designers created merch for Minnesota Vikings cornerback.

Jason Yim, a Guild designer who has been working on this project alongside of the rest of his team, said “Working with The Cut has been a great experience for me so far. I’ve learned a lot about designing merchandise for athletes since working with them. The athletes I’ve been designing for, Craig Robertson and Deante Burton, have encouraged me to create new, unique designs. Overall, this project has given me motivation to create something great and get outside my comfort zone as a designer!”

Visit to shop previous collections & join the mailing list to be notified when The Cut merchandise launches!


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