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Global Impex USA joins the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation

Global Impex USA, a mill-direct company specializing in producing custom fabrics and textiles, announces new membership with the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation (GSDC). As one of the pivotal leaders for economic development within the St. Cloud community, the new founding membership offers community leader engagement, strong business growth, expansion of talents, and regional promotions.

Patti Gartland, the president of the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation.

“We’re delighted to welcome Global Impex USA as an investor in the GSDC,” says Patti Gartland, the organization’s president. “With its distinctive products and worldwide reach, Global Impex USA broadens the diversity of advantages and resources we highlight as part of our economic development efforts in the Greater St. Cloud region.”

Based out in the St. Cloud area, the textile company has worked with and supported the local community in various ways. Much of their business is done locally by operating with central Minnesota banks, insurance companies, and local decorators and screen printers, such as Dubow Textiles and Krillan. The company also provides textile fabrics, custom apparel, and personal protective equipment (PPE) to those in need.

Co-founders Bob Gazich & King with Global Impex USA interns in their downtown St. Cloud office.

Through their subsidiary companies Guild Apparel Co. (for retail-oriented clients) and Stryv Medical (for healthcare professionals and providers), Global Impex USA has warehouses stationed in Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia for national and international businesses. But with the new membership, they hope to expand their brand awareness and influence even further.

"It gives us the opportunity for international connections," comments King Mukherjee, one of the founders of Global Impex USA. "We can also help the GSDC and local community build successful startups by providing hands-on experiences and experiential learning through internships."

Global Impex USA offers a wide range of positions for students looking to start up their business careers within the textile industry. From making sales calls to designing creative content for graphic designing and marketing-- students can obtain valuable skillsets and experience through their internship program. With the company's new membership with GSDC, Global Impex USA will foster and expand the talents of rising entrepreneurs in the local community.

For more information, read about their internship program here.


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