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Stryv Medical strengthens medical gowns into level 2 FDA approved fabrics

Stryv Medical, the maker of innovative and stylish healthcare work apparel, has advanced into producing level 2 US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medical gowns. Level 2 medical gowns support healthcare workers working in blood draws, suturing, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), and pathology labs. Stryv Medical gowns are domestically produced and manufactured under The Berry Amendment.

The FDA follows the American National Standards Institute/Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (ANSI/AAMI) standard for liquid barrier performance. Level 2 offers protection against low-risk situations, such as pathology labs. To assess barrier protection performance and qualify as FDA approved, medical gowns are tested for water impact and water pressure on the gown material.

Stryv Medical combines fashion with sustainability to increase durability, function, comfort, and breathability. With the innovation skills and desire to produce high-quality fabrics, Stryv Medical gowns are woven and finished directly in the US under environmentally sustainable practices.

"We oversee every stage of the garment development process from conception through production and distribution. This enables us to maintain quality and consistency throughout the product life cycle," says Stryv Medical on the process of how they practice and ensure sustainability for their clients.

In recent news, Stryv Medical has also caught the attention of streaming service company Peacock, which will be adapting the Dr. Death podcasts into a television series. Dr. Death tells the true story of a neurosurgeon, Christopher Duntsch, who was convicted of gross malpractices against his patients. The production for the series is set for this fall, featuring Stryv Medical's FDA-approved gowns.

A picture of Stryv Medical gowns to be featured in the upcoming Dr. Death series.

As the pandemic continues, Stryv Medical hopes to support healthcare workers to keep them safe and practicing under sustainable yet affordable apparel.

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