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U.S. Bill Prioritizing Domestic-Made PPE Passed by the Senate

Via - Matias Castellanos

This Summer, the Senate passed an infrastructure bill that will provide billions of dollars to, primarily, improve U.S. infrastructure and, additionally, develop a stronger supply chain for domestic PPE production and distribution, as Textile World reports.

The NCTO President and CEO, Kim Glas was quoted as saying, “We commend the Senate for passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which will provide critical resources for our nation’s aging infrastructure and at the same time help incentivize the reshoring of personal protective equipment (PPE) production, an important priority of the U.S. textile industry.”

In the aftermath of COVID-19’s emergence in the U.S., the NCTO worked to pass the Make PPE in America Act, which ensures Berry Amendment-compliant, PPE purchased through federal government organizations will be readily available for the sake of national security and creates multi-year contracts with U.S. PPE producers.

Overall, these legislative actions have resulted in the production of over a billion PPE and strengthened supply chains since 2020. As a Berry-Amendment Level Two-compliant producer, Global Impex supports the aforementioned legislation, as they support national security and domestic supply chain operation. Visit to check out our full selection of PPE.


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